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ADHD Med Tracking (AMT) was developed to help health care providers assess and monitor the ongoing medical treatment of children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

This service supports practice guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

We strive to provide an internet based service that is secure, confidential, and user-friendly for parents and teachers and reliable and timely for health care providers.

ADHD Med Tracking was developed by Joseph J. House, Ed.D. a licensed psychologist who has specialized in ADHD assessment and treatment in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area since 1992. Initial website design and planning began in 1998, and the beta version was tested in 2001. Version 1.0 incorporated a modified version of the Vanderbilt Assessment scales recommended by the AAP. A patient self rating form that parallels the Vanderbilt, the Youth ADHD Self Rating Form (House and Swihart, 2006) was added to the website in 2008.

The Vanderbilt Assessment Scales were developed by Mark Wolraich, M.D., and field tested in a collaborative ADHD project sponsored by the National Institute for Children's Healthcare Quality (NICHQ). These rating scales are included in both the 1st Edition (2002) and 2nd Edition (2011) of the Caring for Children with ADHD toolkit ( and ADHD Med Tracking are entities of 610 Solutions LLC, Chaska, MN.

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